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Tims Successfully Won The Bid To Build Haier’s Two Solar Powered and Air Powered Water Heater Liner Automatic Enamel Spraying Production Lines
Time: 2014-5-6   Hits: 7589 
      In the second half of April, 2014, Tims successfully won the bid from Haier for the two solar heated and air energy heated water heater liner enameling production lines. So far, our company has supplied for Haier with a full set of automatic water heater liner production line including fully automatic chemical cleaning, robot loading and unloading, automatic enamel spraying, automatic station and position changing, drying and firing.
      The latest two water heater liner fully automatic enamel coating production lines include: the one of regular volume (below 100L) and the other one of large volume (max. volume: 500L,¢650×H2000mm).
       In recent years, many companies, without exception in water heater liner manufacturing field, have encountered the difficult of labor shortage. Since the large volume liner whose maximum weight is 100KG/PCS, it is a high risk but low efficiency job for human labors to load and unload the goods as well as to switch processes. Besides, it becomes a common goal for enterprises to realize full automatic production or at least to reduce the number of workers.
        We adopt robot imported from Germany and other automatic device to reach the complete set of automatic production from automatic loading and unloading, chemical cleaning or physical sand blasting, enamel coating offline( to avoid much weakness of online coating), automatic cleaning the redundant enamel in the liner, automatic cleaning the liner mouth and the water hose, machine assisted detection of the enamel coating quality,sintering and automatic unloading. Together with the preassembling, automatic leakage detection and fully automatic welding, the whole auto system of water heater liner enameling has taken on its grand new look.
        These two enamel production lines will come to commissioning in about August of 2014.
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