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Our Company Tims Successfully Won The Bid To Build The Solar Powered Enamel Water Tank Automatic Spraying Production Line for Solareast Solar Energy Co.,Ltd.
Time: 2014-5-22   Hits: 9407 
    In the second half of May, 2014, we successfully won the bid from Solareast, a public corporation in solar thermal field for the solar heated and air energy heated enamel water tank production line.
    The Solareast has been dedicated in solar product utilization including solar water heater, solar thermal Engineering System, Solar heating system and solar refrigeration air conditioner system, etc. and the research, manufacturing and marketing of the air energy water tank. Sunrain and Micoe are its two national famous brands which rank the top position in field of solar heat utilization globally. May 21st. this year is the two years anniversary for the success of A-shares mainboard appearing in the Shanghai Stock Exchange as the first stock in China’s photo thermal industry.
    The standard of inner tank of the water heater liner fully automatic enamel coating production lines is 40L-300L. This production line adopts the combination of online fully automatic enamel coating method and offline automatic enamel coating method.
    To decrease the loading of the transformer and operation cost, this production line uses natural gas as heat source for the enamel oven.The core accessories for the firing oven, like the nozzles and valve units, are imported from America. The radiant tube is made of 601# high temperature resistant stainless steel plate imported from Germany.
    This enamel production line will come to commissioning in about the Octomber of 2014.
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